Attic Ventilation

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A lot of homeowners tend to take some spaces in their homes for granted. It’s just that they don’t seem to think of those spaces as priorities when it comes to things like cleaning or even providing proper ventilation. The attic happens to be one of those spaces and that’s unfortunate.

Why is it such a big deal? Attic ventilation actually contributes to the level of comfort within homes as it helps keep them cool and dry. A properly ventilated attic means that there is no moisture as that can lead to mold and mildew. There would be a consistent flow of air and that would allow your attic to breathe.

Not having proper attic ventilation can lead to other problems, not just discomfort. The presence of different pollutants will be a major concern. And it’s not just the fact that pollutants are present, but that such dangerous substances as Carbon Monoxide could be among those pollutants.

If you’re looking for dependable and top-quality attic ventilation service, then you can count on us at Veterans AC to provide it for you. This is something that you need to seriously consider since it’s not just going to help improve the level of comfort of your home. There are other benefits to improving your attic ventilation and we list some of them below.

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Benefits of Proper Attic Ventilation

What are the various benefits of improving attic ventilation in your home? What can it do not just for your home but for your entire family as well?

Helps Improve Ventilation

By improving your attic’s ventilation, your entire home will feel more comfortable. In order to achieve the ideal attic ventilation, your roofing system should feature exhaust and intake vents. The exhaust vents will remove the hot air from within your home while the intake vents are going to let the cool air into your home’s attic. Proper attic ventilation will also impact indoor air quality by helping reduce pollution.

Extend Your Roof’s Lifespan

Attic ventilation will also help in extending the lifespan of your roof. This might be a surprising but welcome benefit of improving attic ventilation. One of the reasons why some roofs need to be replaced too early is either excessive moisture or heat in the attic. Proper attic ventilation will solve that and help make your roof last longer.

Reduce Energy Costs

By improving your attic ventilation, you’ll also be able to reduce your energy costs. It’s considered to be a more affordable cooling option not just for your attic but your home. In fact, it can help reduce your cooling cost by as much as 15%.

Veterans AC is a family-owned and operated business that is dedicated to providing the best air conditioning and heating services to the community. We offer a comprehensive array of services that are expertly provided by our skilled and experienced technicians. Attic ventilation is just one of the many quality services that we can do for you and it will help guarantee a more comfortable home, not only for one season but the whole year-round.