Heat Pumps

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One of your main priorities at home is to keep it as comfortable as possible. That’s your goal for yourself and your family throughout the year, not just for a particular season. And when we talk about comfort in homes, the usual systems that are utilized are 

A heat pump system offers a nice alternative to the systems that are typically used in homes. The usual setups have a separate air conditioning system and a heating system, even though they are contained in a single space.

At Veterans AC, we understand the need for an additional option that homeowners can choose from. That’s why we offer heat pumps in our line-up of services that will help impact the level of comfort within homes. 

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How Does a Heat Pump System Work?

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As mentioned above, a heat pump system is different because it is a single unit that can provide both cooling and heating to your home. One advantage that this system has over others is the fact that it’s more energy-efficient and that is quite significant for homeowners. It can also last a long time  – about 10 to 12 years.

But how does a heat pump system work? It’s not that different from how your air conditioning unit works. An AC unit uses the movement of refrigerant between one set of coils indoors and one set outdoors to transfer heat within a home and distribute it outside.

A heat pump system uses the very same process. There’s a difference, however, because the process can also be reversed. This is done through a reversing valve that serves to reverse the direction of the flow of the refrigerant. 

For the system’s heating mode, the heat is removed from the outside and distributed inside the house. This is in contrast to removing or using the heat from within the home itself.

Using a heat pump system in your home allows you to feel comfortable throughout the whole year. All it takes is a simple adjustment of your thermostat.

Reasons to Use a Heat Pump System

You might be one of those homeowners that use the typical combination of AC unit and heater. But it would still be nice to know the reasons why you should use a heat pump system instead. Look at these reasons and see if this system could work for your home as well.

  • Convenience – The convenience that the heat pump system offers is a very good reason to switch to it. Using it means you only need a single system to make your home feel comfortable throughout the year. There’s less need for maintaining it that way.
  • Energy Efficiency – Energy efficiency is one of the best attributes of a heat pump system. The reason for this is that this system uses energy for moving heat instead of generating it.
  • Safer Option – Heat pumps are the safer option, especially if you are a little wary of using natural gas to provide heating for your home. An electrically-powered heat pump will suit your home better in that case.

At veterans AC, we can provide guidance as well as services to ensure the comfort of your home. If you want to try using this system, we can certainly help will you with that by replacing your old system with a heat pump.